iOS Game Mods or Hacked IPA files? How? When? Why?


What iOS Game Mods/ Hacked IPAs are and how do they work?

iOS game mods or Hacked IPAs are iOS game files which have undergone decompilation, reverse engineering, modding or modification normally to include game hacks and cheats and then made ready for downloading after recompilation. Once, downloaded, they can then be installed on any device that runs iOS. The file names of Hacked IPA have an extension .ipa. Essentially, these files are not the original games because it includes cheats for hacking it.

Hacked IPA or iOS Game mods files are the only most powerful way of hacking Apple iOS device games. At the moment, they are usable on Apple tablets and phones. Because as a player, you won’t have to hack the games by yourself, it’s the easiest and most simple way for you to cheat in iOS games. All a player needs to do is download the game that is already modded and begin playing it. The only thing you need is to have your device jailbroken before you can download and play the modded games. This is because any games or files that aren’t distributed by Apple AppStore cannot be installed on the Apple devices by default. The Hacked IPA are available both as parts, repositories or .ipa file downloads.

The Hacked IPA or iOS game modes require the user to download a hacking tool such as the Xmodgames tool so as to be able to access their modded games. Once installed, you’ll need to go to the “my games” section of the Xmodgames app and find it there. That’s if your game is compatible with the hacking tool. If you find the game on the list, you may begin playing the game and enjoy your modded game features without any more difficulties. This is just like downloading any other app in your handheld device and begin running it immediately. However, Xmodgames is not the only hacking app that will allow you to play your modded games. There are many others some of which will require a jailbreak while others will not need to be jailbroken.

Possibilities When Using Hacked IPA or iOS Game Mods in Online and Offline Modes

A question that is relevant to any person who is interested in using Hacked IPA to play games on the iOS platform is; what they are capable of doing with the files whether in the online or offline mode?

iOS Game Mods in Online Gaming

A game may be completed online or partially online. If your game wants you to be constantly connected to the internet for them to properly work, there’s a good chance that it is entirely an online game. This means that it’s an online-only game. It requires the constant internet connection to verify vital data of the game which may include the player’s money, gems, gold skill points and XP among other data. These are verified through the server of the specific game. This is a sad piece of information for those who love online-only games because, essentially, these serves cannot be hacked. However, such gamers have the alternative of creating a private server if they are willing to. Also, if you’re considering the option of a private server, you must realize that though the mods will still work, your hacks won’t be too overpowered. It’s still also possible to use wallhacks, Aimbots, automated scripts, and Speed Hacks.

iOS Game Mods in Offline Gaming

When it comes to modded IPAs or iOS Game cheating in the offline games or single player games requiring no internet connection, there’s no limit. In this mode, the files of the hacked games can do absolutely anything you want it to do for you. Unlimited gems, god modes, infinite damage, money, experience cheats and anything else that can be done with game cheats are very possible in this mode when you are using iOS game modes. Because of all these possibilities, they are considered one of the best techniques for cheating in iOS games.

In summary, with iOS game mods/ Hacked IPAs, you are able to get unlimited gold, currencies, money, and gems. You also get unlimited health (god modes), Aimbots and wallhacks for shooters. Speedhacks and slow hacks are also possible to get with these mods. Other things you can do include automatic reward collection, free in-game items, and purchases as well as be able to manipulate time and use the escape time cheats.

How to Create and Install Hacked IPA/ iOS Game Mods?

The Creation Process

1. Extraction and Decompilation

The first step in creating modded IPA for iOS games involves the extraction and decompilation of the IPA. The extraction and compilation are done for the specific game you intend to mod.

2. Code Modding

In the second step, advanced reverse engineering is required. The purpose of this is to include options for cheating.

3. Database and Repository modding

The third action taken involves the modding of included value databases and repositories.

4. App Recompilation

After code and database and repository value modding is completed in the app, you can proceed to recompile the app to its original structure.

5. Installation and Testing

Once you’re through with all the 4 steps above, it’s time to install your game and test the iOS game mode that you’ve just created.

Though this process may sound so simple, it’s only possible with programmers who are well advanced. You need extreme reverse-engineering experience to be able to really be creating this application for game cheating.

How to Install Modded IPA Game Files? Step by Step

1. Device Jailbreak

The initial step when you want to install the iOS game mods is the jailbreaking of your handheld device. This may be an iPod, Ipad, iPhone or Tablet.

2. Downloading the.IPA file

Once your device is successfully jailbroken, the next thing to do is to look for them.IPA file that you want to use and download. Ensure that you’ve downloaded the right repository.

3. While keeping the account connection data, uninstall the original game from your device.

4. When the process if uninstalling the original game is complete, install the modded game in your device. Once the installation of the modded is completed without hitches, you can begin playing and enjoying your modded game.

How to Install Hacked Games iOS