The Ultimate Mod APK for Creative Destruction v. 1.0.751


Is Mod APK the only way to hack this mobile game? No 🙂

Creative Destruction is a game that is published by ZuoMasterDeveloper and it is hitting the download charts off the roof. This is an Action gameIt is basically a clone of the Fortnite Battle Royale and before that the well known “PUBG”.

Before we continue let me answer the question: ” Can this game be hacked?”. The answer is yes and in this article, we will talk about the different hacks, mods and even Bots that you can use to make your time in the game more… pleasant.

In short Creative Destruction is game where 100 players are dropped simultaneously. The goal of each one of them is to be the last man standing and see the “Victory Royale” on his screen.

In order to do that he has to survive the battles between the players, the storm which shrinks with every minute and the clock. Simple to say and yet not so easy to do.

This game is a clone, because, in Fortnite Battle Royale, the rules are exactly the same(  the PUBG  too). Creative Destruction takes everything from Fortnite and makes it for mobile devices. A lot of players were waiting for that moment and a lot of them are happy with the result. The game is still simple and good looking.

What kind of hacks and cheats you can use in Creative destruction? Well, I am not going to lie – a lot! In this article, you will see all the hacks that you can use, and the most important thing – how to make them work.

But before we get to the core of the subject you need to check if your device is in need of “Rooting” or a “Jailbreak”. This step is essential if you want to use Mod APK or IPA files. For more information about this process, you can check the link right here.

Method 1: Mod APK and Hacked IPA files

To this date, there are several hacks that you can use and even if you use only one of them will get one step ahead.

How the Creative Destruction Mod APK and Mod IPA files works? Basically, these “Mod” files are specially created to substitute the original system files. This way the hack will start to work.

If you want to have a successful hacking session you must be sure that your phone is “unlocked” – this is where the “Rooting” for Android and “Jailbreak” for iOS comes in. If the device is ready there will be no problem to install the Mod APK on Android devices or Mod IPA for the iOS. 

And now let us see what kind of hacks you can use in Creative Destruction. Since in this game you have to build different obstacles and hide from them it is essential to know where your enemy is. While you are building your own, he is building his. A lot of walls right? In any shooter, there are times when you wish you could see through walls. And the first hacks is exactly a Creative Destruction Wall Hack. Check the video below:

Download Creative Destruction Mod APK v.2Wallhack

The v.2 Creative destruction Mod APK contains: 

– Aimbot
– Wallhack
– God Mode (increase armor)

Another thing that you need to do is to be able to boost your Creative Destruction economy. In other words – your coins, starts, and gems. With their help, you will be able to purchase all kind of goodies and customize your character and weapons. You will get access to great equipment and it should be that way since you will be the Battle Royale Winner. Here is the Coins Hack. Check the video below:

But before you go and eliminate everybody, note that you can install these Creative Destruction Mod APK or Mod IPA files only if the system files of the game are on your device. If the system files are somewhere else( on a server for example) it will be very hard for you to change them. So have this in mind.

Method 2:  Bots

Another great way to enhance your Creative Destruction skills is to use a Bot. The Bots will assist you and will help to overcome all the enemies in the game. But we have to warn you that if you are caught with a Bot during a game session, your account will be banned and you will not be able to play the game anymore. So be careful.

If your Creative Destruction account is banned already you can check this link here, and see what you can do.

And now let`s get to the Creative Destruction Bots. So far there are three Bots that you can use. And the best thing is that they could be used at the same time. This will ensure your win and you will dominate over everybody(literally). So here is the Creative Destruction AimBot, Flying Bot and Speed Bot. Check the video below:

Download v1 Creative Destruction Aimbot

The v.1 Creative Destruction Mod APK contains:

–Auto Aim Bot (Scope or Aim to activate)
– Aim Lock Bot – Scalp or Aim to activate
– Damage 80%
– High Accuracy Bot
– Supports all equipment
– Aimbot / AimAssist
– Shoot No Snake
– Shoot without tension
– Shoot away
– Connect Google Account
– AntiBan & Lag Lag

How to Download Creative Destruction Mod APK 1.0.751

1.Click on the Download buttons: Here for Mod APK , Here for Bots.
2.Click the “Download” text.
3.On the top right corner click on the “triple dot” button and choose “Download”.
4.Install the software.

Have fun playing this game. If the hacks or bots are not working, that means the game has been updated. In order to hack Creative Destruction, you can leave a comment and we will update the files in 24hours.

Download on Android and IOS

Google Play Store

Apple App Store

Here is a little bonus! A Creative Destruction unblocked hack for PC,  version 2:


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