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Hamsterdam Review And Gameplay

There isn`t any middle in this style. Love them or hate them, Quick-time events (QTEs) are a core part of games now. While their appearances in the biggest titles are less frequent than when they successfully infiltrated the likes of Resident Evil and Shenmue, they remain a great way to keep players on their toes and have players feel the ‘in-the-moment’ action which is happening onscreen.

Every so often a game comes along and takes an old idea and freshens it up. Well, for QTE we now have Hamsterdam, an addictive and masterful, cinematic fusion of QTE and tapping. Muse Games are best known for their long-running Guns of Icarus series – when it comes to co-operative experiences in lofty steampunk zeppelins then there’s truly only one place to look.

It’s peculiar then that their next developmental step was about a rocket-fast ground-animal who singlehandedly takes on hordes of thuglike rodents. It’s quite far from their previous projects. Hamsterdam might be vastly different than its predecessors, but it is clear – even from the main menu – that the team has put the same level of care into it as they have their flagship series and its tightly knit community.

Main Features Of Hamsterdam

Every moment of Hamsterdam’s QTE-laden combat is played out through player-led animations. Even as the camera pulls back around Pimm, the protagonist, as he belts the face of a weasel into the ground, you can click on items that have been dropped by enemies.

It is very rare to find so good QTE game, which is so well made. One of the best things about this game is that you really can think that you are playing an animation. The movement and the effects are so good and well made that you can forget that you are applying a game.

How To Play Hamsterdam

Stitching all of the combat together are a few cute mechanics. You can win most combat in the game by just hammering the screen and swiping to block, however, if you slow down your pace then there’s a ‘perfect’ system where you land a hit based on an indicator.

Land enough of these and you’ll do bonus damage, you’ll also fill up a KO button which deals massive damage to enemies. This rewarding loop feels really good when it works, and also gives off the feeling of a rhythm game.

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