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Monster Hunter Stories Pc version will reveal the full potential of this great game made by CAPCOM. Here you will go through an amazing adventure in a beautiful world full of cute creatures. And your goal is to “catch them all”! You will just need to make a download or two.

There are certain type of games that can hook you up and keep you awake night after night. When you download Monster Hunter Stories this is exactly what will happen to you. When you have a game that looks like a child of Legend Of Zelda and Pokemon GO – this is what you get!

Let`s Go Through The Basics

In Monster Hunter Stories you are a beast tamer. You must collect different beasts and use them to fight. The game is really well-made RPG and by playing it on a PC will boost the adventure feeling for the game.

If you are a fan of the game and you want to play Monster Hunter Stories on PC, this article will cover everything you need to know. The method and the steps you need to execute. How to download Monster Hunter Stories, how to download the emulator that you need. Also, you will have a full video tutorial on “How to play Monster Hunter Stories on PC!”

Enjoy The Game On Fulscreen

One of the main benefits of playing Monster Hunter Stories on PC is the incredible feeling of playing it on full screen. When you have an anime style of animations, the HD looks of the game will only boost your Monster Hunter Stories experience.

  • Enhanced graphics – The full and rich colors of Monster Hunter Stories will overwhelm your senses. The details of the textures that Windows gives will amaze you
  • Feel the ground shaking – When you are playing Monster Hunter Stories on PC you will witness the real power of the basts you are fighting with. The visual effects of the game are on a whole different level.
  • Boost the game – The possibilities that Windows and iOS reveal in front of Monster Hunter Stories can`t be matched with the tiny little screen of a mobile device – trust me on this one

Theese Monsters Are Pretty… BIG

If you download Monster Hunter Stories on PC, you will see the full scale of the beasts in the game. When you are playing on a mobile device, you can`t really appreciate the size of those guys.

  • Recognize the beasts – There are all kinds of monsters in Monster Hunter Stories. The quality of the graphics that you will receive after you download the game on the PC, will make you a real expert. The strong breeds are the key to your success in Monster Hunter Stories.
  • Recognize the eggs – All of the beasts have eggs that you collect. You will need that “extra detail” if you want to pick the best. Only the Monster Hunter Stories PC version will give you that edge!

Take The Gameplay On The Next Level

While traveling through the world Monster Hunter Stories, you will have to take close attention to the world around you. The beasts and the skills that you have to use are critical if you want to tame the best monsters.

  • Fighting Mechanics – The duels between beasts in Monster Hunter Stories are one of the most intense moments in the game. The victory lies in the quick reactions of the player. Since the Monster Hunter Stories PC version is much more responsive, you can be sure that your win rate will go higher.
  • Much more responsive controls – The specs of a current PC are much better than these on a mobile device. And that`s why when you are playing Monster Hunter Stories on PC, you can be sure that every command will be well timed.
  • Smoother animations – If you want to feel the real joy of Monster Hunter Stories, the flow of the animation in the game is very important. Download Monster Hunter Stories on PC to feel the real deal!

Download and Install Monster Hunter Stories On PC!

For now, there is only one way to play Monster Hunter Stories on PC. To do that you will need to download an emulator, which will run the game on your PC. There are many emulators (Nox, MEmu, Genymotion), but here we will use Bluestacks. It is very simple – just follow the steps below:

  • First, you must install Bluestacks on your computer.
  • After the installation is complete, you have to open the Google Play Store from the main page of the emulator.
  • Find Monster Hunter Stories on the Google Play Store and install it. (The emulator is imitating the screen of a mobile device, so it is pretty simple)
  • After the game is downloaded and installed, wait for the game to finish updating.
  • Enjoy Monster Hunter Stories (Note that after the installation, you will have the Monster Hunter Stories icon on your desktop and you can start it directly from there.)


Download the game, get the Monster Hunter Stories APK or why not the Mod APK! Install it and play it on Windows or iOS! Give this game a chance to take you on a great journey to the cartoonish anime world. The Monster Hunter Stories PC version will definitely help you to “Catch Them ALL”!

Stay tuned for more tutorials and Mod APK articles. Make sure to check our site regularly. Hit us with a comment if you want a tutorial or a Mod APK for a certain game!

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