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Granny: Chapter Two Review, Gameplay, APK and Video

And here is another horror game from DVloper called Granny: Chapter Two. The story rouns up with you waking up in a basement. The goal is to escape from the house where Granny and grandpa are looking for you. And believe me, if you get caught you die. There is no joke about any of this. The game itself is much an escape room game. You start with absolutely nothing. Granny: Chapter Two is a first-person placed game. And to survive you have to solve the different puzzles and find your way out.

There are some weapons but it is very hard to find the. Fortunately, you can download the Granny: Chapter Two Mod APK and solve that problem. There are a crossbow and shotgun, but as you can tell, there isn’t much ammo for them. Note that the hearing of these old guys is perfect. They will hear every little noise that you make. After that, they will find you in no time. There are some places and secret passages that you can use to hide, but this is not solving the main problem.

By downloading the Granny: Chapter Two Mod APK, you will be able to find the way out much faster. The controls of the game are very sensitive and this makes the game a little too hard to play. I mean that you will need some time to use to it. And that means certain death. If you want to beat the game from the first try – you will need this Mod APK.

The house itself is an enormous maze. There are a lot of doors and switches that you must find. For those of you that love these games, I recommend you to use headphones. This way you will be able to feel and hear the whole atmosphere of the game. The developers managed to make a horror game using the gameplay itself. The graphics are pretty basic but don’t be fooled. This game will make you jump a lot of times. Especially when grandpa is chasing you with a stick in his hand.

In the end, there are some things that I can say for this game. If you haven’t played such games on your mobile device. Download the Granny: Chapter Two Mod APK and experience the horror in your hands. Plugin your headphones and try to escape Granny: Chapter Two!

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