Hacked APK or Modded APK. No Rooting. All You Need to Know!


How The Mod APKs for Android Work?Online/Offline/Multi-player

Modded or Hacked APKs are the files for game client and installation for specific games that have been altered or modified in order to allow for performing of different functions. They are also made to include data that allows gamers to carry out cheats in the games. Hacked or Modded APKs also help in the removal of certain ads contained in the game and get rid of any other type of restrictions in the game for the user. This way, they allow a user to gain some advantages when playing Android online mobile games. The names of these files end with a ”.APK” extension. For a person to be able to install and run any system app or normal app on android emulators and devices, the format of the file must have the ”.APK” extension. These files also form the game client for both the offline and online android games. This means that it’s the part of the game or application that the user’s device processes. Hence, for online games, these files are not processed on the game server in the case of online game applications.

The Hacked APK files are made by decompiling the APKs into another programing language, which is normally Java, modding values, changing resources, hacking game mechanics. After all, these are done, the code of the APK is then recompiled back to form a modded APK. This modded APK is the one that’s then installed into the user’s phone. These apps don’t require access to other apps on the phone. Neither they need to carry out any task that would require the phone’s admin privileges. As such, this method of cheating in android mobile games needs no rooted android device. This means that if you’ve found a Modded APK and want to use it on your game to cheat, all you’ll need is to install it in your phone and begin using it play your game without ADS and any other restrictions that would be found in a normal version of the same game.

Possibilities With Hacked/ Modded APKs in Online and Offline Game Modes

The most common first question users ask whenever they are inquiring about the possibilities that Modded/ Hacked APKs provide to gamers is whether they allow one to get unlimited gems, money or health in Android games in both the two modes. To answer this question, let’s take a look at the possibilities there are in both the online and offline modes of the games:

Hacked APK for Offline Single-player Mode

Using this cheating technique, the possibilities are vast. This means that when you use these APKs, you’ll get unlimited gems, infinite money cheats, and god modes when playing Singleplayer offline android mobile games. You will also be able to obtain in-game purchases freely if you ensure that the data of your account is not being handled over a server that’s online.

Hacked APK for Online Multi-player Mode

Unfortunately in the online multiplayer mode, all the above is not possible. This is due to the fact that online multiplayer games store the user account data on an online server. These kinds of servers do not allow for hackings such as unlimited gems, god modes, gold, and money, among other things. Therefore, there’s absolutely no way to hack these servers. If you do, you’ll commit a cyber-offense in case you use any kind of app for cheating. This leaves us with just exploits which is the only way to go here.

In summary, all that’s possible with Hacked APKs is majorly on the offline singleplayer game mode and include unlimited Gems, money, and currency. You can also get unlimited health by getting the god mode and unlimited items by carrying out item editing. Others include time speed up/ Speedhacks, invisibility, Aimbots/ auto aiming, wallhacks, walking through walls/ noClip and free in-game purchases from the shop by setting item prices to zero.

How to Create and Install Hacked/ Modded APKs

Creating a working Hacked APK
To be able to create Hacked APKs that work, there are five steps to follow. These are:

1. Decompiling APK

At this stage, you’ll need to access the APK file of the game and decompile it into Java programming language. By doing this, you’re preparing the codes of the game and making them ready for modding.

2. Modding the Code

Now that the code of the APK of the game has been decompiled into Java, modding can now be done on the code using the new language. This paves way for you to be able to make changes that you want to have in your hacked game app.

3. Changing in-game Values

Here, the original values of the game such as money, gems, health and many others that you can alter in the code can be changed and set so that there won’t be any restrictions and limitations when the cheat is being used to play the modded game app.

4. Recompilation

When you’re done changing all the game values and setting them to values that you’d love them to take to allow for cheating, you can now recompile back the whole game file into a ”.APK” file so that it allows for direct installation as the game cheat.

5. Install the Modded APK 

The game file is now ready for installation. You can easily install it on your device or emulator and ready it for playing. When the installation process is completed, you can now begin enjoying your game with cheats already included in it and without any limits.

How to Install a Hacked APK?

The installation of modded APKs is relatively easy to follow. Use the following procedure to install and begin using a modded APK on your device:

1. Download the APK File

The first step is obviously downloading the game APK file from a legitimate source. Here, you must be careful enough to ensure that you haven’t downloaded fakes or a malicious file. Ensure that the source has a reputation to guarantee that they won’t be giving you a malicious APK.

2. Uninstall the Original Game

If you still have the original game that is not hacked in your device, ensure that you uninstall it completely so that there won’t be any conflict when you attempt to install the APK.

3. Install the Modded Game

The next step after uninstalling the original game completely is to install the modded game on your device. Here, no rooting of the device is required.

4. Clear Cache and Start the Game

Before you begin playing the game after the installation, make sure that your device’s cache has been cleared. This is to ensure that no data of the previous game is still stored in the cache. The next thing is to start your modded game and begin enjoying the game time with the modded game without any restrictions.

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