How to Create Game Bots for Android/ iOS/ Windows – Easy Complete Guide


What are Mobile Game Bots for Android/ iOS/ Windows?

In video games, a game bot refers to an expert system software AI that is made to play the game in the place of the human. These bots are created for use in different genres of the video games to perform various tasks. If a bot is written for an FPS (First-Person Shooter) game, it works differently from that which is created for MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). For instance, bots for FPS may contain basic strategy and map analysis. On the other hand, MMORPG bots could be used for the automation of tedious and repetitive tasks such as farming.

A concept for Creating a Simple Game Bot

A concept for creating a Simple Game Bot involves the use of Windows PC, Macro Recorder, and Macro Editor. The Windows PC is used because it can easily be used to emulate or run most games irrespective of the platform. The macro recorder is useful for creating simple bot scripts that are automated. The macro editor, on the other hand, is used to record and playback and edit inputs from the keyboard and mouse for automated gameplay. After this, simple loop actions are recorded and then looped indefinitely. These are then edited to result in a simple game bot. This concept is can be used for creating scripts that do a wide range of things. The features of the script will, however, depend on the game a person intends to bot and their level of expertise or skill.

The Kind of Game Bots can be Created Using this Method?

With this method, it’s possible to create game automatic farming bots which may include static interfaced mobile games. For more complex 3D games, button spamming and Anti-AFK scripts can be used. Chatbots using game chats automatically are also possible with the method. Simple auto looting and trading bots that require color recognition can also be made using this method. Bots that use IF loops can also be created in advanced cases. Apart from Windows PC, such bots can be created for other platforms such as iOS, Android, MacOS, and Linux. On iOS, however, you’ll require a jailbreak. Android also requires rooting. Due to the fact that most emulators are found on Consoles, Android and iOS, this method of bot creation are better presented on the Windows PC. The methods of creation on the other platforms are slightly different but in general, these steps work universally for all the mentioned platforms.

The Types of Games on Which Bots Can be Used

The types of games that this kind of bot can work for are those that are possible to be run through different ways such as modding and emulation on a computer. However, the capability of the created bot depends mostly on the interface of each specific game. The games with static interfaces easily work with bots. Those with interfaces that are non-static are relatively much harder to effectively bot. Generally speaking, bots made using this method are best for mobile games. However, it can be applied in computer and console games too if advanced functions are used. You should also what you need to look for and whatever you’re doing.

How to Create a Game Bot? – Step by Step

Creating highly complex scripts of AI to interface with the memory of a video game often require loads of knowledge in programming. However, you could still come up with simple bots without any programming knowledge. To do this, go through the following steps:

1. Run the game on your PC

If your game is not compatible with your Windows PC by default, you can use an emulator to run it. However, most are compatible by default. There are numerous emulators for iOS and Android platforms. They are also available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

2. Find a Macro Recorder and an Editor

Here, you may use a good search engine to get a free macro recorder with enough features to enable the creation of a simple bot. Get one with advanced features such as IF loop programming, EXE file compilation, and color recognition. These features are useful when creating bots for any game.

3. Plan the Bot

At this stage, you’ll have to what your game allows you to do with color recognition, mouse movements, keyboard inputs, if statements, clicks, tap, and swipes among others. For those with using an emulator, try using the tools provided by the emulator. Also, take any challenges into account, static elements of the UI, the ones whose positions can be changed. Think about how you can automatically reset the bot in case it gets stuck.

4. Record the Bot

Using the macro recorder, you’ll need to record the bot at this stage. A loop in which the starting and the end state of the game are the same must be completed. For instance, in case you want to farm a mission and start the main menu, ensure you return to the main menu before stopping to record. Later, the recorded script can be looped and played back in an infinite loop. After that, use the macro editor to try the script. Depending on the bot software you’ve got, you may either play your script as an infinite loop or by trying to insert an infinite looping function. This is done using the macro editor.

5. Optimize and Unstuck your Bot

For first-time macros users, the first macro recording of the script isn’t likely to be perfect. Therefore, you should test the script and if necessary, insert other scripts, change actions, insert delays, and change loops that you had recorded. The editor allows for the insertion of any kind of action for the optimization of the bot without necessarily re-recording the script as whole multiple times.

6. Create a perfect bot by gaining experience

If you go through the processes involved here such as the records, edits, refinements, and additions, you’ll gain experience over time. Game botting with macros helps you learn through mistakes.

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