How To Use Yuzu Switch Emulator For PC (Bonus 100+ keys)


The emulators are here for a long time. The first one came up for the PS1. After that, we used some for the PS2, and now we are using them mostly to play mobile games on a PC. Bluestacks is a good example of a working and reliable emulator.

But this time the whole fuss is about a Nintendo Switch emulator called Yuzu. This is the first emulator made for this type of consoles. I am not sure that this is a console, but it is the heir of the famous Nintendo Gameboy.

How The Yuzu Emulator Works?

Well, this is something that you need to know before you download Yuzu. Basically, the principle is the same as all emulators. You must have the system files of the Nintendo Switch game on your PC. You start Yuzu and open them through the emulator.

This was my first thought when I downloaded Yuzu. But this is not exactly the case. First, you need to choose the working principle for your PC system. For instance, if you are using a Windows or a MAC.

Second, you need to see which version of your OS system you have. Note, that all of this you need to do by hand. For now, Yuzu is not automatic. After your choice, you must download the “zip” file that is compatible with your PC.

The different Nintendo Switch builds of Yuzu are called “canary” and you must choose yours well. Otherwise, the emulator won`t work. And so, you have downloaded Yuzu. Installed it, and now you need to set it up.

How To Set Up Your Yuzu

Now, I will be honest with you on this Nintendo Switch emulator. If you are not familiar with the specs of your PC or how to work with system files, you better watch a tutorial and copy the actions from there. Since Yuzu has to be tuned by hand, you must go to “Emulation” on the top left corner and click “Configure”.

  • First, you have to make sure that you are using the “Sub – directories for games” option. You just need to click it. Also, you need to click “enable CPU JIT” and the “Enable NFC”.
  • Second, you need to go to the “Game List” section of the same window and set up the “Icon Size”. Choose the option “Standard – 64×64”
  • Go to the “System” section. Click on “Add” to create a user name. Type anything you want.
  • Now, you have to go to the “Input” section. There, you will be able to configure your inputs. You can use your favorite buttons for every game. You can even save a “Load Out”. That means that depends on the game, you can change your buttons with one click.
  • Go to “Graphics” and adjust your speed. If there are games that run too fast or too slow, you can adjust the speed of the animation from here.
  • Here it`s getting a little bit hard. You have to go to the “App Data” folder of the game. Open “Roaming” and create a folder called “Keys”. There will be your “Prod Keys”. They had to be made in “txt” file. They are essential because they will decode the games for your PC. After that, you have to rename the “txt” file: “Prod”. After that, rename the extension of the file. From “txt” to “keys”.

Once you have done all of that, you must open the game from the directory. And start it. If you have done the set up right, the game should run. Of course, note that there will be some glitches and bugs. Yuzu will be more and more developing over time.

Yuzu System Requirments

  • A Working 64 bit version of your OS
  • OpenGL 4.3 capable GPU and a CPU that has high single core performance
  • At least 4 GB of RAM

Let`s Download Yuzu For PC

  • Step 1: In order to download Yuzu, you have to go to the official site of the emulator. Note that this product is open source, and it is still in development.
  • Step 2: Scroll down, and click on the “Download For Windows 64x” button.
  • Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Step 5: Click on your “canary” ( see the guide above)
  • Step 6: Wait for Yuzu to install itself.
  • Step 7: Set up Yuzu as shown above.


And this was for the first Nintendo Switch emulator – Yuzu. It is a little hard to get it going, but if you have set it right, You will enjoy a lot of Nintendo Switch games on your PC.

If you need another tutorial, for a game, a MOD APK or even another emulator feel free to comment below. We will do all we can in order to help you!

Yuzu switch emulator Keys for advanced users

Do not use the Hashes

master_key_00 = C2CAAFF089B9AED55694876055271C7D
master_key_01 = 54E1B8E999C2FD16CD07B66109ACAAA6
master_key_02 = 4F6B10D33072AF2F250562BFF06B6DA3
master_key_03 = 84E04EC20B9373818C540829CF147F3D
master_key_04 = CFA2176790A53FF74974BFF2AF180921

master_key_seed = D8A2410AC6C59001C61D6A267C513F3C
masterkey_4x_seed = 2DC1F48DF35B69334210AC65DA904666

devicekey_seed = 4F025F0EB66D110EDC327D4186C2F478
devicekey_4x_seed = 0C9109DB93930781073CC416227C6C28

dev_master_key_seed = 5FF9C2D94EF90027A71FCBE678D5DA28
dev_package1_key_seed = F5B1EABDB9378B6466BBEF9136DAF22F
dev_per_console_key_seed = 6E4A9592960F4527D502F15B7587C676

package1_key_00 = F4ECA1685C1E4DF77F19DB7B44A985CA
package1_key_01 = F8C60322F75CD548B821AF9162E16F76
package1_key_02 = C580CB1E2D9AA9866FFEF920010FC409
package1_key_03 = C32009C8CB268ED053052C9237DFD8BC
package1_key_04 = EDE36C3677495784B838D7265C6BA7A1

package2_key_source = FB8B6A9C7900C849EFD24D854D30A0C7
package2_key_00 = A35A19CB14404B2F4460D343D178638D
package2_key_01 = A0DD1EACD438610C85A191F02C1DB8A8
package2_key_02 = 7E5BA2AAFD57D47A85FD4A57F2076679
package2_key_03 = BF03E9889FA18F0D7A55E8E9F684323D
package2_key_04 = 09DF6E361E28EB9C96C9FA0BFC897179

titlekek_source = 1EDC7B3B60E6B4D878B81715985E629B
titlekek_00 = 62A24D6E6D0D0E0ABF3554D259BE3DC9
titlekek_01 = 8821f642176969b1a18021d2665c0111
titlekek_02 = 5D15B9B95A5739A0AC9B20F600283962
titlekek_03 = 1B3F63BCB67D4B06DA5BADC7D89ACCE1
titlekek_04 = E45C1789A69C7AFBBF1A1E61F2499459

rsa_oaep_kek_generation_source = A8CA938434127FDA82CC1AA5E807B112
rsa_private_kek_generation_source = EF2CB61A56729B9157C38B9316784DDD

eticket_rsa_kek_source = DBA451124CA0A9836814F5ED95E3125B
eticket_rsa_kekek_source = 466E57B74A447F02F321CDE58F2F5535
eticket_rsa_kek = 19C8B441D318802BAD63A5BEDA283A84

ssl_rsa_kek = B011100660D1DCCBAD1B1B733AFA9F95
ssl_aes_key_x = 7F5BB0847B25AA67FAC84BE23D7B6903
ssl_rsa_key_y = 9A383BF431D0BD8132534BA964397DE3

aes_kek_generation_source = 4D870986C45D20722FBA1053DA92E8A9
aes_key_generation_source = 89615EE05C31B6805FE58F3DA24F7AA8

key_area_key_application_source = 7F59971E629F36A13098066F2144C30D
key_area_key_application_00 = EF979E289A132C23D39C4EC5A0BBA969
key_area_key_application_01 = CDEDBAB97B69729073DFB2440BFF2C13
key_area_key_application_02 = 75716ed3b524a01dfe21456ce26c7270
key_area_key_application_03 = F428306544CF5707C25EAA8BC0583FD1
key_area_key_application_04 = 798844EC099EB6A04B26C7C728A35A4D

key_area_key_ocean_source = 327D36085AD1758DAB4E6FBAA555D882
key_area_key_ocean_00 = B33813E4C9C4399C75FABC673AB4947B
key_area_key_ocean_01 = C54166EFA8C9C0F6511FA8B580191677
key_area_key_ocean_02 = 3061CE73461E0B0409D6A33DA85843C8
key_area_key_ocean_03 = 06F170025A64921C849DF168E74D37F2
key_area_key_ocean_04 = DC857FD6DC1C6213076EC7B902EC5BB6

key_area_key_system_source = 8745F1BBA6BE79647D048BA67B5FDA4A
key_area_key_system_00 = 6DD02AA15B440D6231236B6677DE86BC
key_area_key_system_01 = 4AB155E7F29A292037FD147592770B12
key_area_key_system_02 = B7A74ADEAF89C2A198C327BDFF322D7D
key_area_key_system_03 = D5AAB1ACD23A8AEC284A316DF859D377
key_area_key_system_04 = 9B44B45B37DE9D14754B1D22C2CA742C

header_kek_source = 1F12913A4ACBF00D4CDE3AF6D523882A
header_key_source = 5A3ED84FDEC0D82631F7E25D197BF5D01C9B7BFAF628183D71F64D73F150B9D2
header_key = AEAAB1CA08ADF9BEF12991F369E3C567D6881E4E4A6A47A51F6E4877062D542D

sd_card_kek_source = 88358D9C629BA1A00147DBE0621B5432
sd_card_save_key_source = 2449B722726703A81965E6E3EA582FDD9A951517B16E8F7F1F68263152EA296A
sd_card_save_key = 8F696AEED967F492041CD7DACE7BAFB2F20A25AD13108ED9BAB662A09C28CC86
sd_card_nca_key_source = 5841A284935B56278B8E1FC518E99F2B67C793F0F24FDED075495DCA006D99C2
sd_card_nca_key = 2A34D7A63F1F6C87EA8068E8A67DD66F9637EAFF943686D74F5AB43FCBCEC6DA

capsrv_hmac_key = 287AABF9FED34D4E995CC7BE0D914A3221B9822A45524649B0A2CBCDD4B98E4A

keyblob_mac_seed = 59C7FB6FBE9BBE87656B15C0537336A5
keyblob_seed_00 = DF206F594454EFDC7074483B0DED9FD3
keyblob_seed_01 = 0C25615D684CEB421C2379EA822512AC
keyblob_seed_02 = 337685EE884AAE0AC28AFD7D63C0433B
keyblob_seed_03 = 2D1F4880EDECED3E3CF248B5657DF7BE
keyblob_seed_04 = BB5A01F988AFF5FC6CFF079E133C3980

normalseed_dev_00 = 0542A0FD34E99BA87AFE08DFE9E0A94D
normalseed_dev_01 = 678C5A031E18C873C290E88A9E175A57
normalseed_dev_02 = CD8B155B2B83FF6ADBD05C4F5C8829CA

simpleseed_dev0_00 = AFF1142380240F4C36AD6854DC2DA93F
simpleseed_dev0_01 = DE00216A11EC7B3F19663995122F5234
simpleseed_dev0_02 = E045F5BA009A72953A76A39D3C90A7B0

simpleseed_dev1_00 = 5E177EE1D18FB73FF539B4108E9388C4
simpleseed_dev1_01 = 2DB7C9A131EFBDF0C3CA69FCD68C8A45
simpleseed_dev1_02 = 84D92E0DE9C5827D88BAA3E476D11773

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