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Knife Hit Review, Gameplay, APK and Video

The last game from Ketchapp is here and it is called Knife Hit. This incredibly simple and addicting game is going viral. And there is no question why. We all love simple and addicting games. Knife Hit is a genius game. The goal is very simple, all you need to do is to throw knives in the empty spaces on a round target.

The trick is that in this game, as you are progressing through the game, the target is spinning more and more. It changes directions too. Which makes this game more and more difficult. But if you download the Knife Hit Mod APK, you will be able to in full control of the game. Why? Because this game will get to your nerves.

Every time when you fail at your attempt, you are starting from the very beginning. And this is something very irritating. But if you download and install the Knife Hit Mod APK, you will be able to start right from the place that you have left off.

Point is, Knife Hit couldn’t be more simple. Shooting knives with the tap of a finger on your cellular device, the object of the game is to riddle a circular, spinning object with a set amount of knives, varying for each stage. The only catch is that once you hit another knife with your knife, it’s game over. The spinning movement patterns change from stage to stage, providing the much-needed challenge for this relatively simple concept.

Keep in mind, this is a free game that doesn’t expect you to pay for anything like EA would, therefore each and every free version of the game has a plethora of ads. This is understandable – when it doesn’t hinder the overall gameplay. That’s right, it’s commonplace for ads to cause the app to spaz out a bit, slowing down and skipping frames of gameplay when you need them the most.

But you can fix this also, by installing the Knife Hit Mod APK. You will be able to skip all the adds. That means that you will be able to play the game as much as you want without a single add. Nice a?

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