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Magic Tiles 3 Review, Gameplay, APK and Video

Magic Tiles 3 is another simple and music-based game. The publishers are again AMANOTES. Honestly, I am not sure why they are doing so many music games, but I am sure in one thing. They are good!

Magic Tiles 3 is almost a perfect copy of the revolution Piano Tiles game. The basic principle of the game is still the same: There are many falling black blocks on your screen, Your goal is to tap on them on the order they fall. By doing that, you are starting to play the song that you have selected. Your timing has to be top-notch or you will miss the beat and the rhythm of the game.

If you fail to hit the right block, or miss any of them, you have to start the stage at the beginning. I know that sucks, but this is the way to be a good Magic Tiles 3 player. But things are not so harsh. There are 4 checkpoints that you will pass through, before ending the song. Note that every song has a different length, and that dictates how long you will be playing.

If you have some problems with any level we got you covered. The Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK is here to help you out. When you progress in the game, you will notice that the songs will become more difficult to play, and you will have really tough time playing the songs in Magic Tiles 3.

If you download Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK, you will clear any level with ease. The Mod APK for Magic Tiles 3 will do everything for you. It looks like you will be playing on autopilot. But not only that. The Mod APK will grant you unlimited hearts.

These hearts are used to continue if you have missed a block. Note that these Hearst are rechargeable when time passes. But why to wait 20 minutes, when you can download and install Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK much faster.

This little trick will give you unlimited hearts, so you can continue to play all day without interruption and never be stuck again! It is very easy and you can do it yourself. Just download and install Magic Tiles 3 Mod APK.

Overall, I think that Magic Tiles 3 is a great game. There are many songs and you can choose from a list. Every week the playlist is recharged with new songs, so there is no need to worry that you will get bored. There are many styles and genres of songs, all you have to do is to pick your favorite and start playing it!

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