Mobile Games Hacks / Cheats / Modding APK and IPA files – Possibilities and Legal Matters


Mobile Games Hacks, Mod APK for Android/iOS/Windows – How?/ Why?/ Where?/ And More

In general terms, hacking and cheating in most cases are made to sound as though they refer to criminal activities. However, when it comes to mobile games and computer games, these two terms have entirely different meanings, except in some special cases. In these unique cases, they’re definitely criminal and you should always know that when it’s interfering with another person’s rights, it’s wrong. Here, our discussion is going to be based on hacking and cheating as related to mobile games. The other term that refers to cheating and hacking in mobile games is modding.

Cheating/ Hacking/ Modding in Mobile Games – Is it Possible?

As is the case with most other platforms of gaming, mobile games can be hacked/cheated through different methodologies. The downside of this is that, you’ll need to root your own cellular device for you to be able to use bots, hacks or any other apps of cheating. When you do the rooting, the cheating app gets the rights to alter your game app and is the only way it can be done. With the right software, it becomes really possible and easy to use a hacked client, hacks, scripts, hacked apps, and bots once you root your phone.

How Mobile Games Hacks/Mod APK files/ Cheats Work?

Hacking in mobile games is similar to that of PC. The main ways are through a hacked client, hacks, memory edit, bots or scripts or by using bugs to exploit the game. Hacked client involves editing the files of the game, hacking is the process of code injection into the process of the game app and memory edit involves changing of the game values. The difference between cheating in mobile and PC is that in the former, you’ll need to root your phone. The moment the phone rooting is successful, the rest of the cheating process is similar to a large extent to the way it does for PC. This makes online or offline game cheating very simple.

What Can be Hacked in the Mobile Games?

There are two major categories of mobile video games. We have the offline/ single player mobiles games. The second category is the multiplayer/ online mobile video games. In the former, basically, everything can be hacked, including money hacks, God modes, and savegame among any other features. In Online Multiplayer video games, on the other hand, some features can be hacked and others aren’t possible to hack. Aimbots, teleporting, farming bots, wallhacks, modded controllers and macros can basically be hacked in the online multiplayer games. What can’t be hacked in the online games include inventory/ character editing, money hacks, and God modes. This means that in all online multiplayer games, vital account values are impossible to hack. You can only modify those values that are processed on your local device which can either be a computer, console, machine or phone. These are, therefore the limitations of online multiplayer games cheating.

On What Platform can we use Mobile Games Hacks/Mod APK files/Cheats etc.?

Mobile device cheating is possible on all platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS among others. However, it’s a risky affair as it requires rooting with a phone. The other ways of cheating/ hacking include the use of hacks, scripts, modded apps, exploits and memory editors. Generally, the best way to go about cheating in the mobile games is to make use of an emulator and not a physical device.

Hacks/ Cheats on iOS and Android ?

Technically speaking, you can cheat in all the OS platforms. However, in practicality, this isn’t possible. Theoretically, all of these OS platforms can be hacked upon rooting. It would appear as though there are those platforms that can be hacked but this is due to the fact that they’ve gained popularity. This is because programmers easily access them, have open source codes or are simply popular among us. Currently, Android is the best platform to cheat on because of the numerous emulators for it and is also easy to program for. In comparison, Apple and Windows never give any insight into their source code. This is why it’s never an easy task to cheat on these two platforms.

What Are The Risks in Mobile Games Hacking/ Cheating?

We mentioned earlier that rooting your phone when hacking/ cheating has certain risks which we hadn’t explored. Here are the risks that you need to be aware of before you finally decide to root your phone:

• You risk being banned from any multiplayer online mobile game that you had been playing
• Damaging your phone to the extent that it may be unusable or need a professional to reset it. Sometimes, you may even need to replace your phone

Avoid falling for fake generators, hacks or tools for Online Games
There are a lot of people online that will promise you so many things when it comes to mobile game hacking. So, you need to know what is possible and what’s not to avoid falling for these liars and scammers. The following are what to know about hacking/ cheating:

• You can never get free currency or money which us unlimited in online gaming
• Free in-game purchases are an impossibility
• No free gem generator is genuine. They’re all survey scams, adware or viruses among other terrible things
• Online or offline websites that promise you game hacks are non-existent and are most likely malicious

Mobile Games Gem Generator Free Download – Does Not Exist

My Online Mobile Game Account is Banned. How Can I Get it Back?

Basically, your online game account can be banned by the developers and publishers of the game for whatever reason they have. However, they don’t have to provide you with a reason for doing so. Whether you get your original account after banning depends on the reason for which you were banned. The following are the main reason for which you may be banned:

• You were detected and reported for botting/ hacking
• You used bugs to cheat and this means you exploited in the game
• You traded your account
• You got banned by mistake after a false report or simply without a reason
• Someone hacked your account and used it to do bad things such as spamming

Mobile Games Hacks/Cheats – Legal Issues

Game cheating and hacking in both offline and online games is a completely legal activity all over the world, independent of the console or system. Game developers usually lay out the terms and conditions on how to use their games but, they’re just that since there aren’t laws that can be enforced. Neither are they contracts that can be enforced owing to the fact that we never really read them. There’s no law preventing one from hacking or modifying software if they aren’t gaining a competitive edge or selling it for money. By casually cheating in order to win games, you’re guilty of neither the unfair competitive advantage nor getting financial gain from someone else’s software. In history, there hasn’t been a court ruling anywhere on earth that says that if you hack or cheat in a video game, then you’re culpable. From the look of things, this won’t happen any time soon when we look at the whole aspect of video game hacking scene.

Conclusion About The Mobile Games Hacks/ Cheats

Now you know all there is to know about mobile games hacks and cheats. Take your time and hack or cheat in your favorite game as this is all legal. With this, you can really get to enjoy your gaming experience exponentially.

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