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My Talking Tom 2 Review, Gameplay, APK and Video

The new game My Talking Tom 2 is here and also the Mod APK for it. We all know the first game and we have all played it. We enjoyed the first game a lot and now is the time to go beyond that. My Talking Tom 2 is more interactive than ever and in my opinion, you must download that great game on your mobile device. And so let’s talk about this Tamagotchi kid of game.

In My Talking Tom 2, your main objective is to keep the little Tom happy and healthy. It sounds easy, but believe you will have to do some work in order to achieve that. There are two bars that you must keep your eye on. On the one side, you have the health bar which indicates the physical condition of the cat. On the other hand, you must watch the happiness bar.

There are a lot of ways to make the little tom happy. Of course one of the ways is to download the My Talking Tom 2 Mod APK and blast that bar trough the roof. The other way is to play the minigames that you can find in the “games” section. For example, you can play Ice Blast or Cupid Tom. If you manage to get through the games with success, the happiness of your little cat goes up. If you lose, you will need to play the games again.

The health bar in My Talking Tom 2 is something that is a mystery to me. I have noticed that when you play with him, his health bar could go down. There are a couple of ways for you to cure this little guy. For example, you can use medicines. The choice is not so big, but hey he is a cat. The other way is to bath Tom more frequently. We all know that hygiene is something important even for animals. So have fun and don’t hold yourself back. Tom can take a lot!

But once again, if you want to have a blast with this game and unleash its full potential, download My Talking Tom 2 Mod APK. You will see that this is the moment when the true fun begins!

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