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Today we are here with another great tutorial. And this time we will talk about Toy Story Drop! This little puzzle game is created by Big Fish Games and it is a pretty nice version of the familiar Candy Crush.

The goal of Toy Story Drop! is simple and yet pretty amusing. But if you want to be aroused by the colourfull world of the game, you must try to play it on a PC!

Let`s make a quick breakdown of the Toy Story Drop! PC version and see why it is worth it to download and install it on your computer. Don`t forget that after that you will see a full tutorial on “How to install Toy Story Drop!” for PC.

Why To Install Toy Story Drop! For PC?

More quality textures – When you are playing a puzzle game like Toy Story Drop! you need to see very clear all of the blocks on the playing field, in order to clear the levels as fast as you can.

If you play Toy Story Drop! for PC, the version will boost the quality, and there will be no need to hurt your eyes on the little screen of the mobile device. The benefits of the PC graphics card will help in the game.

Quicker actions – In Toy Story Drop! you are using only your finger to move the squares. And there is a chance that the touchscreen of your mobile device could miss. If you play Toy Story Drop! for PC, you will evade that.

Because you will use the mouse. This will make you play Toy Story Drop! much easier and faster. There will be no more misclicks and missed combinations.

Better graphics – Here we are talking about the benefits of the PC hardware. The resources of the graphics card will enhance the game graphics a lot. And we all know that we prefer better looks for every game.

Toy Story Drop! for PC will look much better on the big screen of your computer. There is no reason for you not to try this cute puzzle on your PC. Just see for yourself!

Play Toy Story Drop! on a fullscreen – This is maybe, the best thing of all. If you download Toy Story Drop! for PC, you will be able to play on fullscreen! This is possible because the emulator(that you will be using) has a big resolution.

This will allow you to see Toy Story Drop! like never before. There is only one thing that you can do with all of these benefits – enjoy the game to the max!

How to Download Toy Story Drop! For PC (Windows and MacOS)

For now, there is only one way to play Toy Story Drop! for PC. And this method requires an Android emulator. Below, you will find the full tutorial, just follow the simple steps and you will be ready in no time.

For the tutorial, we will use the Bluestacks emulator, but you can use another one. The prinцicple works for all of the emulators out there.

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks

Step 2: Open Bluestacks, and click on the Google Play Store.

Step 3: On the search bar type “Toy Story Drop!” and click on the game

Step 4: Wait for the game to finish downloading and installation

Step 5: Enjoy Toy Story Drop! for PC!


And this was it for today`s tutorial. It was easy and simple, right? If you need another tutorial on “How to play for PC” or you need a Mod APK for a certain game, just comment below and we will answer the call!

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