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Rolling Sky Review, Gameplay, APK and Video

The new addicting game is called Rolling Sky and it is published by Cheetah Games. This game has everything that you need for something that you can’t stop playing. Simple yet good gameplay, good graphics, nice animation and of course a growing difficulty.

Rolling Sky is a never-ending runner game that will take you in a blast. The gameplay is pretty simple. You are controlling a little ball which has to go from point A to point B. Each level is with different courses, colors, and even themes. Which makes this game something more than boring runner.

With most levels, you can simply get through just by failing and learning the track. With later tracks, you will need to use the precise maneuvering of the ball. Throughout each course, you can also collect gems, which are placed around the course in usually tougher places such as a series of difficult jumps or they are placed close to an object.

But you will hit rock bottom when the levels become much harder. Your ball will fall again and again. Unless you have the Rolling Sky Mod APK. This will give you something that you need in order to proceed in Rolling Sky – unlimited lives and continues. There will be no need to start again each level just to keep your continues.

There is surprisingly quite a lot, of course, to go through and each one has its own theme, such as Forest, Christmas, and Illusion. The courses gradually get harder as you go along, with objects appearing in more tricky locations to avoid. When you first start out the things to avoid are simple walls etc, but as you get further through you will have to constantly move the ball to avoid pillars that pop up immediately in front of you.

The Rolling Sky Mod APK will keep you saved from all unpleasant surprises in the game. Because it can take the whole control of the ball, making all the movements and decisions instead of you. This will guarantee you that you will be able to clear all the levels in Rolling Sky.

Movement is obviously key in Rolling Sky. Your ball moves at a set speed, and to be able to jump over gaps you have to move the ball to the upcoming colored tile which indicates it’s a jump pad. This will initiate the jump, but it’s your job to land the ball in the right place! There are many types of balls that you can use, but you will need to play a lot in order to unlock them all.

If you download Rolling Sky Mod APK and install it, you will be able to unleash the potential of the game like never before. Unlock all types of balls and have fun!

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