Download the Top 10 Best iOS Game Hacks/ Hacked IPA/ Game Mods/ Cheats for Free


Moded/ Hacked IPAs, Cheats, Hacks for iOS/ iPhone Complete Guide and Download

There are numerous apps out there that claim to have the ability to help you cheat/ hack games on the iOS platform. However, finding those that will deliver on the promise can be a daunting task. So, to help you avoid the long search, we give you a list of the top 10 best apps for hacking games in iOS. With them, you’ll get gems, unlimited money, and health among other resources you need to play games. They work for both offline and online games. A better potion of these apps will need a jailbreak to work but others won’t.

1. iOS/ iPad/ iPod Mods or just Modded/ Hacked IPA Download

Currently, the strongest and most effective method of cheating in iOS is, without a doubt, the Modded Games. The method is still expected to stay at the top for a little longer. Essentially, mods are games that a pro has decompiled and then coded into cheats directly into the script of the game. The last thing the pro does is to recompile the app after all the previous steps. This means that by the end of it all, what you get is a Game Mod which is, in essence, a modified version of the original game. So, from the second you start the game up, you have cheats that have already been enabled and your task is just to use them to carry out tasks in your game. iOS Game Mods require that you download a jailbreak. So, download it once you have the jailbreak and begin playing. The only problem here would be finding the mods from the internet since there are lots of survey scams, fakes, and scams that you’ll come across. As such, you need to get a FreeFinder to help you find the games.

How do iOS Mods Work and Download Instructions

The main features of iOS Game Mods include the following:

• Decompilation and Recompilation of the game

In Modding the game, the pro decompiles the game; code cheats into it and recompiles the app back.

• Requires a Jailbreak

Once you obtain the modded version of your game, you’ll need to download a jailbreak to be able to play your game.

2. HackerBot FreeFinder for iOS Game Mods/ Hacks and Cheats – Free Download

Game cheats that are legitimate are extremely difficult to find in these days. This includes game mods too. This is due to the presence of lots of survey scams, fakes, and other malicious files. A lot of sites will claim to be able to provide you with the right cheats but they often will let you download unmodded games. Therefore, it’s of great help to find a customized search engine that helps you to only run searches on legitimate sites. With such an engine you’ll be able to find an iOS game mod that’s working for you. To do this, you simply type specific iOS Game Mod that you’re looking for into the search bar. If there are legitimate sites for the specific iOS Game Mod you searched for, the FreeFinder will find it for you. You can then download it and begin playing your game with cheats/hacks. The advantages of using this method to find mods are that it’s time-saving, will save you money and let you download for free cheats for most games much faster. This makes it one of the best ways to get to download legitimate iOS game mods.

How does FreeFinder find Hacked IPAs, Game Mods, Cheats etc?

The major features of HackerBot FreeFinder for iOS Game Mods are:

• Custom search

The FreeFinder enables you to run customized searches to quicken the search for mods

• Free Downloads

Since it prioritizes on the most legitimate and free sites for the mods, you save money when you use it.

• Rules out fake sites

In the search for iOS game mods, it’s easy to download malicious files that are risky. However, with HackerBot, you’ll be safe as it avoids the fake sites.

3. iGameGuardian for iOS/iPad/iPod IPA File Editor – Free Download

iGameGuardian is a great client-side memory editor for hacking in iOS games. As a user, it gives you the power to scan for numbers or values that include currency such as gems and in-game money. After doing the scan, you’ll then be able to easily change the values as you may need. This one is a universal way for iOS mobile game cheating and you don’t have to look for specific tools or mods on the internet. This tool is a top memory editor for hacking iOS mobile games. For proper working, you’ll need to jailbreak your phone. The strong points for this method are that it’s quite simple to use and works for most games on the platform. In offline single player games, it enables important options such as gems that are unlimited. Therefore, it’s an awesome app and a must-have if you want hack iOS games.

iGameGuardian File Editor for iPhone/iOS Features

• Value Scans

It allows the user to scan for values and numbers and then alter them easily.

• No need for Mods or Tools

It’s a universal method of cheating in iOS games that don’t require any specific tools or mods for hacking the games.

• Requires Jailbreak

To be able to use this cheating method, you’ll need to jailbreak your phone.

4. GameGem for iOS/iPad/iPod IPA File Editor – Free Download

GameGem is another great app for memory editing in iOS mobile game hacking/cheating. It allows for scanning for the app of the game for memory values. The memory values can then be edited so that the cheats can begin working. It’s neither complex nor sophisticated like most software for cheating but works extremely well and is relatively easier to use. As the name suggests, the cheating app allows a user to change the number of resources and gems in the app of the game. Your iOS device will need a jailbreak to work with this app. However, GameGem will only work if your game does not store savegame on an online platform. This means that it doesn’t work with online games that will need to be played when you’re connected to the internet; that’s offline games. To make sure that the game that you’re playing with this app is offline, you can try playing it in the offline mode. As an awesome tool for cheating in iOS mobile games, it’s highly recommended for anyone.

GameGem File Editor for iPhone/iOS Features

The features of GameGem iOS game cheating app include the following:

• Value Editing and Scanning

This app works by allowing the user to run a scan for memory values and editing them.

• Easy and Simple to use

The app is relatively easier to use and simple. Anyone can use it without difficulties.

• Allows for the changing of Gem Numbers and other similar resources

As the name of the app implies, it allows for the changing of the number of gems and other values.

• Requires Jailbreak

To be able to use it, your device should use a jailbreak.

• Works for offline games

This app works when the game being hacked in offline.

5. Xmodgames for iOS/iPad/iPod IPA Game Patcher – Free Download

This app is a game launcher and patcher that works by allowing you to games that are otherwise normal into modded ones by updating or patching them. The downside of this method of game cheating/ hacking is that it’s very unreliable because it’s normally only compatible with a single specific game version being hacked. Compared to the simple download of the actual mods of the game, the rate of success for this app is relatively lower much. It can also be quite annoying because it has a lot of sponsored content and ads. This makes it even more unreliable and very annoying at certain times. Though it works for some games and some people, it doesn’t usually work most of the time. However, it’s very easy to use as one of the tools for iOS mobile game cheating.

Xmodgames for iPhone/iOS Game Patcher Features

The features of the Xmodgames app include:

• Allows for updating and patching games

This apps works by allowing for the update and patching of the games and it launches the game.

• Compatible with a specific game version

This feature is a disadvantage since it narrows the scope of the number of games that a user can hack and play. It doesn’t work for many games either.

• Ads and Sponsored Content

This is another negative feature with Xmodgames. It makes it annoying and unreliable to use for cheating.

6. iOS Emulators or iOS Simulators – The Difference

In actuality, there are not yet any working emulators for iOS mobile game cheating. There are only fake emulators. However, there are simulators that will work for you. These simulators work by playing apps that have the ability to connect to your account at Apple. Alternatively, there are apps that closely resemble the actual the games of iOS. These apps allow for the use of MAC/PC editors like the Cheat Engine to hack the games. This, in turn, allows one to get benefits that may be carried over to the games’ mobile versions in certain cases. Though they still don’t exist, emulators could be a great way to make cheating in iOS mobile games a very great experience. However, there’s no way to know for sure that emulators are a possibility at this level. Macros could also be more easy to use because it could be easy to use the keyboard and mouse for controlling iOS games. This, plus jailbreaking and rooting could be possible without breaking or risking the phone. However, at this point, we can only hope it becomes a reality.

7. GamePlayer for iOS/iPad/iPod IPA File or Memory Editor – Download Free

GamePlayer is the alternative to either iGameGuardian or GameGem if the former is not working for you for any reason. It works by scanning float values and the usual DWORD and also has an auto mode for identifying value types. Generally speaking, it’s not better than the other memory editors for iOS mobile game apps in any way in the current state. However, the benefit is that it may have better compatibility with some devices and updates for operating systems for which other apps may not work. A jailbreak is required for GamePlayer as with most other memory editing apps. As a matter of fact, to be able to install apps not approved by Apple, you require a jailbreak. Also, for another app to have the ability to get access to another app, another jailbreak will be needed. This makes it beyond difficult to run any game value editor in the absence of a jailbreak.

8. Macro Recorder/Editor for iOS/ iPod/ iPad/ iPhone

Many macro editing and recording iOS apps are available in a variety that can allow you to record your stripes, taps, movements and other things. These can allow you to farm many online games and automatically play them. These include games such as the clash of clans, clash royale, clash of kings and most of the other clashes. In general, iOS mobile games that are online are often very difficult to hack because they make use of servers to store the data of your games. Therefore, Macros is an awesome way to get around the rules of the game and gain some advantage. In this way, you get to optimally the energy available for you always for farming and redeeming free rewards such as free packs and chests. This can automatically be done in every few hours. However, the script type increases the consumption of the battery of your phone as it will be active whenever the script is running.

9. File Managers/ Explorers for iOS iPhone or Tablet

Another great way for hacking/ cheating in iOS mobile games is by manipulating savegames, game resources, game data, and databases. The file explorers/ managers give the user an ability to insert files, view files on your phone, edit files, delete files and game data. Apps for file management are an important tool for those who hack iOS games, irrespective of the degree of experience. In fact, these apps are required to get some game mods to work. For advanced users, these apps are a way to get the ability to carry out techniques that are more advanced when implementing cheating in the games. The tool, however, requires a jailbroken tablet or iPhone. Without a jailbreak, it will not work completely.

10. Alternative Way for Hacking iOS Games

Game cheating opportunities in Android are generally much better than those in iOS. Since Android is open source, you can use emulators because no jailbreak is required. The Android platform is also friendlier can be easily accessed by most hackers of games or new developers. It’s also true that apps, communities, mods, and tools are better in the Android platform than the iOS platform. Therefore, if you love playing your games on iOS platform rather than the Android platform, the sad truth is that it will be more difficult for you to hack than it is for those who use the later.

The Best Game Hacks 2018 Conclusion

Above are the ten most effective way to make cheating/hacking possible in the iOS mobile game platform. Though they’re not as many options in iOS as there are in Android, you can use them to cheat in some of the games like the clashes we mentioned earlier in this piece.