Top 16 Best Android Hack Apps – Download Free and Review


As always, finding the right and the best Android hacks and cheats is never an easy task. There are lots of online resources that promise you so much with what they offer for hacks and cheats. However, the majority of these resources are either scams or malicious programs. This doesn’t mean that there are none at all that are genuine and are actually considered to be the best in the market. Here, we discuss the 16 top game hacking/ cheating apps, modding tools and memory editors for both offline and online Android Games. Some may require you to root your device while others will work fine without rooting. What’s better is that they’re all available for free download.

1. GameGuardian APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac Root Access

Till today, GameGuardian has remained as one of the top apps and memory editors for android game hacking. It’s a great value scanner with features that are common with such hacking/cheating apps for games. Apart from value scanning, there are other numerous functionalities it offers you, which include scans for unknown values and speed hacking. In fact, the ultimate app that could be considered closest to the android phone and emulator cheat engine. Further, it’s entirely free and is quite easy to use. The trick for using this app sufficiently is to know some basics of the working of games. This will be vital if you want to make use of extended functionalities or coming up with hex value edits that are your own.

GameGuardian APK – Features

The features that make this app to top the list of Android hacking apps include the following:
• It has a great interface

• Its speedHack functionality is simple

• Has capacity for memory editing and value scanning

• Has support for both x64 and x86 devices

• It allows you to search for values that are encrypted

• Can search for decreased/ increased memory values

• Requires a rooted phone

GameGuardian APK Download from Here

How to Use GameGuardian APK Tutorial

2. Freedom APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root

Basically, Freedom APK is an app that you can use to emulate in-app purchases at no cost. This way, you can get lots of free items from your Android games. It’s a great choice for a majority of the most popular offline games. To be able to emulator the fake in-app purchases via the Play Store, it requires root. This will then allow you to obtain so much premium currency for free. It’s good for hacking android games that can’t be hacked by simple value changes and memory edits. These are often difficult to hack because their values are well hidden or stored in clouds and are protected by balances and checks. This app is also a good alternative because it only edits data on your local device and is therefore very legal to use.

Freedom APK – Features

The features of this hack/cheat app for android games are:

• It offers you free in-app purchases

• It places the hack purchase at no cost

• Enables you to get premium currency for free

Freedom APK Download from Here

How to Use Freedom APK Tutorial

3. HackerBot APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root

For the Android platform, Mod APKs/ Hacked APKs are one category of the best cheats in existence. Therefore, it’s a wonderful thing to get a good way that exists for searching for Mods built for Android games. This is where ProFinder and HackerBot FreeFinder come in. If you search for Modded APKs using Google, you’ll almost always end up with fakes, survey scams, malware and other malicious files. However, with HackerBot Search Engine, you’ll be able to get files that are posted on communities and forums that are trustworthy, moderated and well curated. Hence, you avoid all the fakes hanging around on the internet and your device will be safe. Anyone can use FreeFinder but ProFinder requires a person to log in for access. The later still helps a person to search for premium and private chats.

HackerBot APK Features

HackerBot has the following exciting features:

• Allows one to find legitimate hack tutorials and Modded APKs easily

• Allows you to avoid survey scams, fakes, malware and other such malicious files

• With ProFinder, you can sign up to find premium cheats that are paid

• It’s safe because it ensures you download APK modes from legitimate websites

HackerBot APK Download from Here

How to Use HackerBot APK No Root Tutorial

4. Lucky Patcher APK Free Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root/ Root Access

This is another great hacking/cheating app. With it, one can install new apps for the system, install and manage apps on rooted devices. However, with Lucky Patcher, you can remove ads from APKs by patching, emulate premium in-app purchase and generate files of hacked APK among other things. Without rooting your device, it can also be used to create Modded/ hacked APK files. It’s a favorite for many people since it can be used to do a wide range of task including mobile game hacking. Though having a rooted device is not really necessary for this app, it’s still good to have one. When not rooted, the able only enables you in the generation of Modded APKs.

Lucky Patcher APK Features

The main features you’ll get from Lucky Patcher Cheating/Hacking app include:

• Allows for the installation and uninstallation of apps

• It allows for the emulation of game levels

• It can be used to generate hacked/ Modded APKs

• You can purchase emulation for free in-app purchases with this app

• You can get rid of ads in your game by patching them with this hacking app

Lucky Patcher APK Download from Here

How to Use Lucky Patcher APK No Root/ Root Access Tutorial

5. SB Game Hacker APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root/ Root Access

The strong points for this android game hacking app include reliability and extreme ease of use. Though its’ not at the top of the current list of best apps for android game hacking, it’s a force to reckon with. It was originally published on the Chinese Mandarin but has been translated to English too. Compared to other memory editors, it’s one that is known to be quite reliable and faster than most. It’s unique because it has a way to help a gamer to detect simple and common ways in which developers often hide the game values like through simple multiplication. To use SB Game Hacker APK, you need absolutely no knowledge because it guides through the process and is extremely easy to use. It’s certainly one of the best apps in existence today for hacking android games.

SB Game Hacker APK Features

The features of this memory editing app include:

• Provides exact value scans

• Friendly to beginners and very easy to use

• Detects value types automatically

• Detection for encrypted and multiplied values is automatic

• Has capacity for hex edits and hex scans

SB Game Hacker Download from Here

6. Bots/ Macros for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac

In the design of Android game today, automation is a vital tool mostly for the online games that can’t be hacked in any other way in a number of cases. Bots/Macros gives you the ability to farm gems, money, collect daily quests and rewards and spend your stamina on the farming of these items. All these are done automatically. Bots will literally play your game for you. Simple Macro Bots even have the capacity to allow you to create bots for any game that you want to have tasks automated in. Though it will take you time to set your game bot, as a technique for game cheating, it’s one of the best.

Bots/Macros Features

Features of Macros/Bots as a game cheating/hacking for android games are:

• You can create bots/macros for yourself in a game

• It’s always up and running all the time throughout the year

• Free reward opening and farming is automatic

7. File Explorers Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac

File System Explorers is a category of apps which include Root Explorer. Apps in this category require access to the root. However, they give you the ability to copy and paste, browse, look and change any files contained in your Android device. This way, you can do a number of things with your device. You can sniff through the files of the game, change savegames android games that are offline and mod the game difficulty by changing the game files. Other things that it allows you to do are to change health and starting resources and money among others. File types such as .db and .sql in most cases will still need PC to edit. However, this is a good game hacking option when, for some reason, a memory edit fails. Apart from cheating in the games, you can use File Explorers to such for certain file names on your device. This will be important when you want to remove files that online games can detect.

File Explorers Features

The major features that make File Explorers awesome include:

• It gives you the ability to browse all the files that are in your Android device

• For Savegame Hacking or Modding, it’s very useful

• You can carry out operations such as pasting, copying, viewing and editing your files

8. Cheat Engine Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root/ Root Access

Initially, Cheat Engine was a tool PC game cheating and was the best in its category. However, an Android APK version was recently released. There are two ways in which the Cheat Engine can be used for cheating in Android games. The first one is to use it to hack games that run on an emulator on a Windows PC. This method is very effective and the usual scanning procedure for values and changing them is followed. The second method involves the use of the Android version of the tool as an alternative to SB Game Hacker or GameGuardian. It will require you to root a device. However, Cheat Engine is not very well developed yet at this stage and it would be better to wait for updates or use other alternatives.

Cheat Engine Features

Cheat Engine currently has the following major features:

• Allows for memory editing on emulators for android

• On PC, it’s currently the most in-depth software for game hacking

• It’s not yet very good on Android

Cheat Engine Download from Here

9. CreeHack APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root/ Root Access

This is another game shop purchases emulator or a faker. It allows you to stimulate Play Store and be able to turn purchases of real money into free cost payments which do not require any payments. For offline games, it allows you to get premium items and gems for free. For online games that require the internet connection to run, it won’t work. Such games store inventory, gems, and money on online servers that no tool can edit. The only steps to follow with CreeHack APK is to start, enable it, start the game and then purchase items for real money from the store.

CreeHack APK Features

The main Creehack APK features to be known include:

• PlayStore payment emulation

• 0$ in-app purchases

CreeHack APK Download from Here

10. APK Decompilation/ Compilation Tools for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac

The foundation of APK modding is APK file decompilation. To do this, the decompilation program takes the game and decompiles it into scripts and resources that are basic for making the game packet. The Modder then edits changes and modifies the scripts and resources in the game. This helps change visuals and cheats for offline games and speedHacks, wallhacks and actions that are automatic for online games.

APK Decompilation/ Compilation Tools Features

The main features of these tools include:

• To some extent, it can work on any game

• To really do the hacking, you need to be a skilled Java Programmer

• It’s able to come up with cheats that are permanent and can be used over and over

• Inside the decompiled APK, to edit the Java Code is extremely hard

11. Emulators with Macros/ Keymapping and Fake GPS for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac

To carry out hacks/ cheats in android games, emulators are a great way to go, especially for new games. With emulators, android game hacking becomes faster, safer, more hassle-free and involves minimal risks. A few emulators available in the market are compatible with most apps for game cheating and allows for the mapping of keys to control taps. This makes games more responsive and easier to control.

Emulators with Macros/ Keymapping and Fake GPS Features

The features of this method of cheating in Android games are as follows:

• Emulators are easy to root or are already rooted

• They are compatible with a lot of cheating apps

• Cannot break your phone

• Has a fake GPS location for the games

• Performs better than handheld devices

• Has controller Emulation and Keymapping

12. GameCIH APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac No Root/ Root Access

This is among the first ever memory editor for android games to be released and among the most popular. This app allows for easy scanning of values so that they can be edited. If you have an old phone and Android OS that’s outdated, this is the best choice for you to cheat android games. Just like other tools for memory, it requires privileges for rooting to do scans and alter the numbers found in the phone memory.

GameCIH APK Features

The features of this memory editor for hacking/cheating include the following:

• Value scanning and editing

• Has a great user interface

• Requires rooting

• Ads f Google are embedded in it

13. Private Servers

GameCIH APK Download from Here

13. Private Servers

Private Servers are a way that has recently become popular for cheating on Android games. People have begun creating their own servers to emulate the original servers. Hence, they give games free money, unlimited gems, and other resources. They are able to provide you with whatever you need for any game.

14. XmodGames

Xmodgames is a new way of modding in android games. In basic terms, it’s a launcher allowing one to install modes, thereby enabling options for cheating into the game. The games can then be launched and can allow for access to advanced game options. They also allow for the running of bots (Lua Scripts)

 Xmodgames Features

• Ease of installation into games

• Has Modded APKs

• Requires to be rooted

• It’s easily bannable and detected

• Eases the download and running of bots

• Works with online games

15. Game Killer APK Download Free for iOS/ Android/ PC/ Mac

To hack nearly any game in the Android OS platform, Game Killer APK is a suitable memory editor. It allows for the searching and editing of values. It also provides functionality for HEX editing and memory location saving and loading.

Game Killer APK Features

The features of this APK include:

• Exact value scans

• Has HEX editing

• Allows for the saving and loading of address lists as well as edits

• Does value scans for vague directions

Game Killer APK Download from Here

16. Modded/ Hacked APK Files

It’s more of a method of game hacking than tool or app. It’s another popular method of game cheating but is harmful too. They are the same APKs that are downloaded when a game is downloaded from a website or PlayStore. Since it does not require a rooted phone, it’s a popular method of hacking/cheating for online and offline games.

Modded/ Hacked APK Files Features

The major features of this method of hacking/ cheating in Android games include:

• It’s quite risky for online games

• Requires no root

• Downloading from random websites is very risky

• Has modded/hardcoded cheats for both offline and online games

Top 16 Best Android Hacks Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for the right and most reliable apps or tools for hacking/ cheating in Android game then there is the list. Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll definitely find the most suitable for you. If you are not sure of the Risks or just need more knowledge about our topic please see our Mobile Games Hacks / Cheats / Modding – Explained